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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rejoicing Layers Of Ricotta Crème & Chocolate Cookies Parfait :-)



Summer is blooming full on nowadays....which means noon is spent in creating and enjoying cool treats which will soothe the swelter,the scorching sun. A few summers back during one such noon....we got a craving to enjoy a quick parfait with a buttery-rich fruity cream....and this addictive dessert was enjoyed.J
Ever since it has become a staple sweet treat during summers. You can make the whole parfait ready within minutes and it tastes so good....a favorite with guests too.J

Have A Cool & Pleasant Day!!!

Serves : 4

Ingredients Required :

For the Ricotta Creme...

2 cups fresh, whole milk ricotta cheese (chenna/soft paneer), extra liquids drained (at room temperature)

4 tablespoons of your favorite sweet fruit jam (we used sweetened pineapple jam)

4 tablespoons butter (preferably unsalted;at room temperature)

2 tablespoons edible rose water(you may use other edible fruit essence/vanilla essence as preferred...take care not to use more than required)

2 tablespoons pasteurized milk (at room temperature)

1 tablespoon powdered sugar/palm sugar (use more or less as needed...if you are using a sweet jam you will be needing less)

a few drops of food color (optional...we needed none as the jam gave this dish a natural golden hue)

Other Ingredients For The Parfait...

This is completely as per choice....we used slightly crushed chocolate cookies, chocolate covered malt balls, a few tablespoons of chopped candied cherries,nuts and dry fruits.
Additionally, we used halved cherries, cashews and almonds for topping the parfait.

Process : For making the Crème, drain out all excess liquid from ricotta cheese and using a food processor grind it into a smooth paste. 

                                                      ricotta cheese after draining 
                             inside a food processor                                    

                                                               blended till completely smooth

Next, add jam, essence/rose water, food color (if using) and milk into it. Blend it again till completely smooth. Set aside.

                                                               added goodies
                                                                 blended until smooth

Next,spoon butter in a bowl till creamy. Add powdered sugar (if using) into butter and stir till well mixed in butter.
                                                 butter at room temperature
                                                          spooned till creamy

                                                      added palm sugar and mixed

Finally, pour prepared  ricotta-jam mixture into creamed butter and spoon vigorously for a few times till smooth and creamy. Now cover this prepared crème and chill (do not freeze) for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator before use.
                                                   added prepared  ricotta mixture
                                                                 spooned till smooth 

For arranging the parfaits, use tall glasses. Add some crushed chocolate cookies into the bottom of them. Pour a few spoons of prepared crème over the cookies and sprinkle some chopped dry fruits and nuts and finally a few malt chocolate balls...repeat this sequence again to fill the it with halved cherry/cashew and almonds...Serve immediately and enjoy.


A From The Blogger’s Keyboard
ü Take care to drain out excess liquid and use fresh ricotta for best results. For a vegan version use soft/silken tofu instead of ricotta cheese...use nut milk and vegan(nut) butter or margarine instead of dairy ones. 
ü Use ingredients at room temperature wherever mentioned. This is necessary for quick and uniform mixing and achieving a creamy rich consistency of crème.
ü If you prefer…use your favorite edible essence instead of rose water taking care it does not over power the dish.
ü Use food color if preferred and as needed.
ü If the jam used is sweet enough we may not need any additional sugar at all.
ü Puree ingredients till smooth for the perfect creamy consistency.
ü Chill prepared crème for a few minutes till cool but do not freeze it as we need a pourable consistency for parfaits.
ü Serve as soon as you arrange parfaits else the cookies turn soggy after sometime as they absorb moisture from the crème.
ü You can add your favorite goodies into the parfaits too…like chopped fruits, fresh berries, dried apricots, shaved chocolate, bits of praline etc.